Johnson’s Official statement on the Brexit Postponement

British Prime Minister B. Johnson wrote in his official letter that there is a need to postpone Brexit until the end of January 2020. D. Tusk, the head of the EU, after receiving the letter said that he and Johnson had a phone call during which they held negotiations.
According to the EU Exit Act, known as the Benn Act, Mr. Johnson nevertheless agreed to take the step according to which the Prime Minister will ask for a postponement if Parliament does not leave positive feedback on the UK-EU deal until October 19, 2019. It is a known fact that the deputies approved the Brexit deferral for three months, which was submitted for voting by O. Letvin.
Johnson agreed to postpone Brexit and did not sign the letter. The prime minister obeyed the law broke the promise not to ask for a postponement and at the same time. EU sources reported that the lack of a signature is not a big deal, and a delay in Britain’s exit from the EU will be considered. This news provided support for GBP / USD.

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