Stock index growth. EU countries and UK approved draft Brexit agreement. According to the interlocutors of the agency, all participants intend to agree on the legal part of the draft agreement with Brussels. Media sources reported that any deal depended on receiving the support of the British Prime Minister from the Democratic Union Party of Northern Ireland.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose in 0.9% to 270,280 points.
The Nasdaq Composite climbed up to 100.06 points (1.2%) as a result of 8.148.71 points.

According to MarketWatch, stock index growth and the S&P 500 completed trading at 1%, which is actually below the maximum closing level of 3025.86 point. The Dow closed at about 1.2% at point 27359.16.
The Nasdaq Composite closed the session by 2.3% that is below its record close of 8330.21.

The U.S. Bank, one of the largest in terms of assets, increased net profit and revenue in the third quarter of 2019. Ultimately, both indicators outperformed market forecasts. As a result, JPMorgan shares grew by 3%. Wells Fargo & Co. Securities Price increased to 1.7%. The bank recorded an unexpected increase in revenue, despite its profit, which fell in the third quarter of 2019.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc stock quotes increased profit by 0.3%. The bank reduced its net profit by 27%. Moreover, this information turned out to be worse than what analysts had expected, and revenue decreased by 6%.
UnitedHealth Group Inc., is a large US health insurance company. The company’s shares increased by 8.2%.

The market value of J&J (Johnson & Johnson), a global manufacturer of health products, increased by 1.6%. Profit and revenue were better than market expectations and the company thereby improved its annual forecast.
The company, which provides taxi and food delivery services, has announced plans to cut nearly 350 jobs to keep the business running. Shares of Uber Technologies Inc. added 2.8% in price. To a greater extent, the reduction will affect employees of Uber Eats and the division of self-driving cars.
Pricing BlackRock Inc. increased by 2.4%. According to the results of the third quarter, the American investment company reduced its net profit by 8% but increased its revenue.

Johnson’s Official statement on the Brexit Postponement

British Prime Minister B. Johnson wrote in his official letter that there is a need to postpone Brexit until the end of January 2020. D. Tusk, the head of the EU, after receiving the letter said that he and Johnson had a phone call during which they held negotiations.
According to the EU Exit Act, known as the Benn Act, Mr. Johnson nevertheless agreed to take the step according to which the Prime Minister will ask for a postponement if Parliament does not leave positive feedback on the UK-EU deal until October 19, 2019. It is a known fact that the deputies approved the Brexit deferral for three months, which was submitted for voting by O. Letvin.
Johnson agreed to postpone Brexit and did not sign the letter. The prime minister obeyed the law broke the promise not to ask for a postponement and at the same time. EU sources reported that the lack of a signature is not a big deal, and a delay in Britain’s exit from the EU will be considered. This news provided support for GBP / USD.

Oil Prices Still Growing

According to the agreement of Great Britain and the EU on Brexit based on the dollar depreciation, oil prices increased last Thursday. Evidence of a new Brexit agreement between the EU and the UK has led to the rapid growth of the pound, and the euro against the dollar. This supported the commodity rally.
After the release of weak industrial production data, the US dollar is also falling. The data that came from the United States is not positive. They point to trade conflicts in the US economy. As a result, the global economy is also at risk of collapse.
Raw materials production efficiency decreased by 0.4%. Initially, a -0.1% decrease in activity was forecasted in the manufacturing industry, as well as in the production of public utilities.
The economy in America is primarily focused on the production of services, and the rest of the US GDP is consumer spending. Moreover, this sector depends on fluctuations in global demand, which makes it the initial indicator of the state of the economy.
According to forecasts of oil market participants, US oil reserves have become approximately 2% higher than 5-year values, while US production remained at 12.6 million barrels per day.
However, if the British Parliament does not support the Brexit deal, the situation on commodity and stock exchanges can worsen.